The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing is a mindset that dawns from the field of pure potentiality; unlimited and infinite with possibility, opportunity and ultimately, Life’s wisest journeys. It is the healing embrace of all that exists, as therein lies a limitless cornucopia brimming with remedies, solutions and treatments. Since, after all, we now know definitively that the human body, has its’ own electromagnetic field and that everything, which exists and happens on our planet and in our daily living (ie; food, thoughts, colours, emotions, animals, sound, people, situations, places, minerals, etc) is essentially a vast and varied series of elements bouncing electric, with distinct frequencies that interact and uniquely influence our body’s energy on an individual and collective basis.

Thus, we can look to develop our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, like you would an art form; in the consistent and diligent practice of empowered choices that will foster self-awareness and achieve personal goals. Put simply, the Art of Healing challenges you to ask yourself “Does this element (people, place or thing etc) add value to my well-being, to my goals, to my life… Does this add value”? It’s time to subtract, add, collect, braid, integrate and apply what serves your greatest good, while seizing your highest potential.

The Art of Healing combines the synergy of Epigenetics with the positively charged elements in Mother Nature’s Biosphere. Ever wonder why one solution or remedy works miraculously for one person and has little to no effect on another? It’s simple really; we are all different and not just from head to toe, but in our minds and hearts too. At first, this may not be much of a revelation, but it is an epiphany no less when you consider the how and why stars align for some people, while others are often left discouraged and hopeless in their better health pursuits. Just as each individual has their own personality, their body too, has its’ own unique energy expression or if you will, an electromagnetic signature. Simply put, our energy body is primarily influenced by our thoughts and emotions, which also gives shape to our physical form, because that’s what energy does. In this regard, it only makes sense, that we would also have our own unique path(s) and sets of modalities for healing emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically and this is only limited by the belief systems we choose to hold on to.

At the Art of Healing, Amber offers a wide range of frequency based modalities that assist in balancing the individual’s personal life force energy. These modalities can be experienced one at a time or collectively. Ultimately, it’s all about tapping into the unlimited potentials that exist, while discovering your personal Art of Healing. Remember, that everything and anything that exists in form or thought on this planet, good or bad, that is conceivable in our hearts, our bodies, our minds, egos and spirits can and will create an equal opportunity for balance, growth and healing. In this mindset, you will not only uncover your personal Art of Healing, but you will undoubtedly discover the hidden potentials waiting to spring forth from the limitless energy within you.